It’s all about priority

I realized that I have been troubled with my attitude. Attitude issue is the true reason I feel I have been failing to achieve things.

I mean, I have been trying to avoid hard-working, blame on something/someone else for my own fault, and regard free-ride as a win.

I feel horrible now.

When I read this in C++ faq (

Exception handling is a convenient whipping boy. If you work with people who blame their tools, beware of suggesting exceptions (or anything else that is new, for that matter). People whose ego is so fragile that they need to blame someone or something else for their screw-ups will invariably blame whatever “new” technology was used. Of course, ideally you will work with people who are emotionally capable of learning and growing: with them, you can make all sorts of suggestions, because those sorts of people will find a way to make it work, and you’ll have fun in the process.

I was touched.

It may be interesting that I read this in a technical article. But yes, it actually turns out to be quite natural. Having a responsible attitude is important to both work and life.  We have to understand what is most important in our life and then strive for it.  No pains no gains is not just some old sayings. It is a lasting truism.


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