test for integers in R

as.integer(x, ...)
integer(length = 0)

integer creates a integer vector of the specified length. Each element of the vector is equal to 0.

as.integer attempts to coerce its argument to be of integer type. The answer will be NA unless the coercion succeeds.

is.integer returns TRUE or FALSE depending on whether its argument is of integer type or not,

The weird thing I find when I am trying to use is.integer is, is.integer(3) will return false.

so what happens?


Becaues is.integer shows the internal representation, which is not an
integer but a double (real number). Some functions create integer vectors,
for example the : notation:

> is.integer(1:10) [1] TRUE

Or, is.integer(as.integer(3)) will also return TURE

Note:  is.integer(x) does not test if x contains integer numbers! For that, use round, as in the function is.wholenumber(x) in the examples:

is.wholenumber <-
    function(x, tol = .Machine$double.eps^0.5)  abs(x - round(x)) < tol

To test if a R object contains only integers:






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