Local variables

The @_ variable is local to the current subroutine, and so of course are $_[0], $_[1], $_[2], and so on. Other variables can be made local too, and this is useful if we want to start altering the input parameters. The following subroutine tests to see if one string is inside another, spaces not withstanding. An example follows.

sub inside
	local($a, $b);			# Make local variables
	($a, $b) = ($_[0], $_[1]);	# Assign values
	$a =~ s/ //g;			# Strip spaces from
	$b =~ s/ //g;			#   local variables
	($a =~ /$b/ || $b =~ /$a/);	# Is $b inside $a
					#   or $a inside $b?

&inside("lemon", "dole money");		# true

In fact, it can even be tidied up by replacing the first two lines with

local($a, $b) = ($_[0], $_[1]);

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