第一题tree rotate. 此题应该是用递归最好。我最后用迭代写出来了但是代价挺大。花了特别长时间,而且中间有很长的沉默。面世官中间提示过可以用递归,我仍然没有听因为迭代的思路已经出来了一半不想放弃。

第2题 depth sum. 此题因为剩下时间很短,面试官说你可以说说就好。但是我见过这题所以以非常快的速度直接写出来了(面试官让我说说就好,我却没有说)。更糟糕的时候我把面试官写的function signature都改成我在网上看到过的,因为我记得很清楚career cup上的原题。面试官还问了我为什么那样改。。。


recruiter feedback:

You have to wait 1 year before you can apply to LinkedIn again to interview.

The interviewers feedback was positive from the first phone interview and they were on the fence after the secondinterview based on the way you came up with your solution. The hiring committee was not convinced to move forward to the onsite phase based off the feedback collected.

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