what is new for Virtual SAN 6.0

熟记下来,这样以后可以对其它 storage system的性能有一个大概的评价基准。

what is new for Virtual SAN 6.0?

What is new for Virtual SAN 6.0?

  • Support for All-Flash configurations
  • Fault Domains configuration
  • Support for hardware encryption and checksum (See HCL)
  • New on-disk format
    • High performance snapshots / clones
    • 32 snapshots per VM
  •  Scale
    • 64 host cluster support
    • 40K IOPS per host for hybrid configurations
    • 90K IOPS per host for all-flash configurations
    • 200 VMs per host
    • 8000 VMs per Cluster
    • up to 62TB VMDKs
  • Default SPBM Policy
  • Disk / Disk Group serviceability
  • Support for direct attached storage systems to blade (See HCL)
  • Virtual SAN Health Service plugin


What is new for Virtual SAN 6.1?

Virtual SAN 6.1 which will come as part of vSphere 6.0 Update 1. Many new features have been added, but there are a couple which stand out if you ask me. In this post I am going to talk about what are in my opinion the key new features. Lets list them first and then discuss some of them individually.

  • Support for stretched clustering
  • Support for 2 node ROBO configurations
  • Enhanced Replication
  • Support for SMP-FT
  • New hardware options
    • Intel NVMe
    • Diablo Ultra Dimm
  • Usability enhancements
    • Disk Group Bulk Claiming
    • Disk Claiming per Tier
    • On-Disk Format Upgrade from UI
  • Health Check Plug-in shipped with vCenter Server
  • Virtual SAN Management Pack for VR Ops

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