I was born and grown in a small town of Hunan Province, located in the middle southern China. Weather there is extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. People like eating peppers more than the rice. When other Chinese hear about Hunan, the first thing come to their mind will be pepper. The second might be all those revolutionaries (some became leaders of the country later on) in the past 100 years. I can speak multiple dialects of Chinese (Xiang Chinese), though my accent is laughed at  by the mandarin a lot. Sometimes I meet Americans here who can speak better mandarin than me.

I love Karaoke, which is so popular in China, and other eastern Asian countries. I appreciate the guy who is opening a “Karaoke station” here around Cleveland. As to sports, I played soccer and pingpong a lot when I was a kid. Now I still play soccer infrequently. I learned how to swim not long ago, like in the summer 2011, which is something I really wrote letter home. Another thing might surprise you is I learned how to bike in the first year of my college.

I am studying Computer science at CWRU, Cleveland, OHIO. I was in a PH.D. program. I decided then to go for master after failing to find a professor matching my interets at Case and also I am not sure if I want to spend  5 more years to do PH.D. in another place at this time. But after this decision, I do realize I have passion for coding, algorithms and software design, in which I find satisfaction and pleasure. I am interested in techniques focused on dealing with large amount of data, using data mining, machine learning and distributed systems algorithms. I have taken classes in data mining, machine learning and also two statistical classes in the past year. I hope I can get real working experience in these fields. I am always looking forward to knowing any interesting software projects.

Notes:  I have been thinking of opening a blog to enable me to write my understanding of things. And now this idea is finally put into reality.

This blog is planned to be a technical one. I will wrote more posts about interesting technical problems I find than about going to karaoke stuff. After I recently decided to transfer from PH.D. program to Master program, I am beginning a long period of studying and reviewing of all the core knowledge in computer science, including data structures, algorithms, operating systems, and also more advanced subject like data mining and machine learning.

Some of the posts will be written in Chinese and most of which will be non-technical.


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